Who's this for? WHO IS THIS FOR?

Child & Adolescent Psychotherapeutic Counsellor & Coach

Who is this for?

My service is for any young person aged 5-25 who would benefit from a safe, confidential space in which to express their feelings.

At any time, we may find that we are struggling to cope with difficult feelings, memories, relationships or other issues that arise in our lives, and children and young people are no different.  This may become evident through physical, emotional or behavioural change.  In younger children, we might notice a physical change, such as bedwetting or nightmares, problems in the classroom or interacting with peers.  Older children and teenagers may exhibit more noticeable emotional change, such as isolating themselves, becoming angry or anxious, losing motivation, or a lack of enthusiasm in things that they previously enjoyed.

I provide an environment where young people are able to safely express their difficult or powerful emotions.  This in turn can help a young person to learn new coping strategies, develop their emotional toolkit, improve relationships and build resilience.