July 15, 2020
Young people are being mentally scarred
Video: Mara Wilson opens up about her mental health for ‘Okay To Say’ Research paints a picture of rapidly declining mental health. There is every chance that the primary symptoms young people are experiencing now could lead to more complex mental health problems over time. young people are being mentally scarred I count myself lucky...
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Six ways to raise a resilient child
Want to help your children deal with stress and adversity? It’s easier than you think Helping our children navigate the stresses and strains of daily life is more important than ever. Figures released in November last year by NHS Digital show a worrying rise in young people’s mental health problems; sadly, my experience as a...
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What new statistics show about children's mental health
For the first time in 13 years, new statistics about the mental health of children and young people in England have been released by NHS Digital. These new figures shed light on the current level of mental health problems among children and young people, and the factors associated with mental health. I have reviewed the data...
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